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Engagement by party
From Rep. Evans, representing Pennsylvania

Good op-ed by @RepDarisha on what’s at stake as the Trump-McConnell Supreme Court looks likely to overturn #RoeVWade.
This is why the U.S. Senate needs to join the House in passing the Women’s Health Protection Act!

Cited source — phillytrib.com
From Rep. Ryan, representing Ohio

🚨 HAPPENING NOW: We’re at the Ohio Statehouse for the second hearing on H.B. 598. If passed, this bill would ban all abortions in Ohio without exception when the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade this summer.

💻 Watch live:

📢 Fighting to protect reproductive rights & accessible health care in Ohio, which includes safe & legal abortion.


If Roe is overturned and this cruel bill becomes law, it would ban all abortions—even in cases of rape, incest or medical emergency. This is a direct attack on Ohioans' health, safety, and freedom.

The Senate must end the filibuster & pass the Women’s Health Protection Act NOW.

Cited source — ohiochannel.org
From Rep. Demings, representing Florida

I helped introduce the Women's Health Protection Act because we need federal protections to safeguard our right to choose. This would stop lawmakers in Texas, or Florida, when they try to attack a women's right to make her own decisions. The Senate should pass our legislation.

Washington, DC I Orlando, FL

In America, freedom always wins.

The Senate must act. Governors and legislatures must act.

Form alliances. Support doctors. Support women. Speak out. Demand action. #DefendRoe

From Rep. Casten, representing Illinois

🚨NEWS: We cannot let an arcane Senate procedure stand in the way of abortion rights.

I led 112 of my colleagues in calling on the Senate to abolish the filibuster & pass the Women's Health Protection Act to enshrine Roe and ensure every woman’s right to reproductive freedom.


I led a letter with over 100 of my colleagues in the House calling on the Senate to enshrine the rights guaranteed in Roe v. Wade into law.

51 senators have denied these rights and stood in the way of bodily autonomy.

From Rep. Casten, representing Illinois

Last week, the Senate had an opportunity to stand with the American people who overwhelmingly support access to reproductive freedom.

Instead, anti-abortion lawmakers put politics over their constituents’ health and blocked the Women's Health Protection Act from moving forward

From Sen. Blumenthal, representing Connecticut

Energizing, inspiring calls to action from Voices for Choice in Wilton yesterday, with pride in CT’s recently passed safeguards, but urgent support for our federal Women’s Health Protection Act. Eloquent speakers urging that we must carry the fight forward.

From Rep. Evans, representing Pennsylvania

Today and everyday, I will fight to protect #ReproductiveRights and pass legislation to codify Roe v. Wade. That’s why I signed a letter with 100+ House colleagues to urge the Senate to #EndtheFilibuster and pass the #WomensHealthProtectionAct.

Rep. Dwight Evans (D-PA-3)
Philadelphia, PA

1/ I support the Philadelphians and people across the country who are standing up today for the right to choose. I voted for the Women’s Health Protection Act to put Roe v. Wade protections into law & urge the Senate to pass it!

2/ A year ago today, I voted for the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. The Senate should join the House in passing that too!

From Rep. Stansbury, representing New Mexico

It’s been a busy week in Washington! This week, I was proud to join my colleagues to march to the Senate to demand they protect our right to choice before their vote on the Women’s Health Protection Act. (1/3)

We also passed critical legislation to support our firefighters, ensure downwinders can obtain compensation from the health effects of our nation’s nuclear history, and voted to send additional emergency support to Ukraine! (2/3)

I’m looking forward to another packed week in D.C. fighting for communities across New Mexico! (3/3)