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From Rep. Jayapal, representing Washington

231-192, the House approves $28 million to help FDA deal with baby formula shortage. All NO votes were Republicans and 12 GOP members voted for it. It now moves to the Senate

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192 House Republicans voted AGAINST funding to stop the baby formula shortage.

Read that again and then ask yourself: is the GOP *really* pro-life?

From Rep. Pascrell, representing New Jersey

498 days ago insurrectionists ransacked the US Capitol and *hours later* 138-of-202 (68%) House republicans voted to make trump a dictator. They tried to finish the rioters’ job and end democracy. Never forget it.

From Rep. Brownley, representing California

While parents across the country struggle to find formula for their children, 192 House Republicans voted against a bill to address the shortage. Families are demanding action, not politics. The Republican response to the urgent need of families is appalling. #FeedOurInfants

From Rep. McHenry, representing North Carolina

Under one-party Democrat rule in Washington, communities across this country are less safe, and our nation’s law enforcement are under attack from violent criminals.

In this midst of this crime crisis, House Republicans will always #BackTheBlue.

House Republicans
Washington, DC

We are the Republican Conference in the United States House of Representatives 🇺🇸


Every day our law enforcement officials here in #NC10 put their lives on the line to keep our communities safe. Yet, thanks to the Democrats’ far-left agenda, that job has become a lot more dangerous.

From Rep. Moolenaar, representing Michigan

I'm glad to see men, including @PeteButtigieg, Rep. David Valadao (R-CA-21) and Rep. John Moolenaar (R-MI-4) giving voice to the anxiety induced by the formula shortage. Men have a role to play in feeding babies, both in stress and in joy.

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This morning during an Appropriations Committee hearing with the FDA Commissioner, I shared the story of a father from Manton who told me how difficult it is for him to find formula for his daughter w/a milk allergy. It's nice to see his story receive some national attention.

The baby formula shortage is affecting fathers and mothers. Here is what the father in Manton shared with me.

I have heard from hundreds of constituents across my district. This is a story from a mother in Montcalm County.

I even heard from a grocery store owner who is seeing firsthand the frustration of so many parents and families.

Last night, I voted for the Access for Baby Formula Act, which will help get infant formula back on store shelves faster. I am also supporting the Babies Need More Formula Act, which will eliminate restrictions on importing formula and help families.

Finally, I voted against a bill last night that would give the FDA - the agency that failed in this crisis - another $28 million w/no accountability. That bill was a blank check for the FDA and it did not require the agency to come up with a plan to end the crisis.

Cited source — washingtonpost.com
From Rep. Brownley, representing California

Gas prices are out of control and it's time to provide consumers some relief at the pump. ⛽️ That's why I voted to end price gouging and penalize market manipulators, while bringing transparency to this secretive market. It's time for Big Oil to stop #RippingOffAmericans.

Who stood with Big Oil executives and shareholders making record profits? 203 House Republicans!

From Rep. Green, representing Tennessee

Saying I’m a terrorist after going to combat to save our country from real terrorists just goes to show you how lost the woke left really is.

Cited source — foxnews.com
From Rep. Pascrell, representing New Jersey

This week virtually every single House republican voted against cheaper gas, plentiful baby formula, and fighting domestic terrorism.

From Rep. Huffman, representing California

The "pro-life" party? 192 House Republicans voted against our bill to address the baby formula shortage.
They might not join us, but Dems will keep taking action to fix this shortage & help prevent it from ever happening again. #FeedOurInfants

From Rep. Herrell, representing New Mexico

Only hypocrites would vote anti-abortion and also against ensuring babies get formula they need to survive. Rep. Yvette Herrell (R-NM-2). Yvette doesn't care that born babies will die.

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192 Republicans, myself included, voted against giving $28 million to federal bureaucrats at the FDA to reward them for their failure--it would have done nothing to help families.

We support real solutions, like the Access to Baby Formula Act & Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT)'s new FORMULA Act.

Cited source — msn.com