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From Rep. LaTurner, representing Kansas

Today is the 10th straight day of record-high gas prices in America.

Experts predict the price of gas will surpass $𝟔 𝐩𝐞𝐫 𝐠𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐨𝐧 nationwide by August.

Americans can't keep footing the bill for President Biden's anti-American energy agenda.

From Sen. Padilla, representing California

The Senate has voted 86-11 to pass the House-passed $40 billion Ukraine aid package, sending the bill to President Biden for his signature.

All 11 votes against were Republican:

Kyle Griffin
Los Angeles, CA

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It shouldn't be that hard for Republicans to stand up against Putin and support the people of Ukraine.

From Rep. Peters, representing California

Just now, President Biden announced two additional actions – invoking the Defense Production Act and launching Operation Fly Formula – to speed up the import of infant formula and get more formula to stores as soon as possible.

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Parents across the country are worried about finding enough infant formula to feed their babies. I thank @POTUS for his leadership during this desperate time for many parents & for his latest actions to ensure there is enough safe infant formula available for families in need.

From Sen. Schumer, representing New York

Women—and particularly women of color—bear a disproportionate burden of the student loan debt crisis.

President Biden can take action and use his existing legal authority to #CancelStudentDebt.

Cited source — yahoo.com
From Rep. Lesko, representing Arizona

Gas prices are projected to be at a record-high for Memorial Day travel! We must flip the switch on American energy and reverse the damage that President Biden and the Democrats have caused.

From Rep. Lesko, representing Arizona

Americans across the country could soon be facing $6 gas prices. This is a direct result of President Biden and the Democrats’ failed policies!

Cited source — nypost.com
From Sen. Boozman, representing Arkansas

Rarely do we have a crisis where the answer is staring us in the face, but that's exactly what we're seeing when it comes to higher gas and diesel prices: President Biden must stop fighting against U.S. energy production.

Increase the supply and bring costs down.

From Rep. Krishnamoorthi, representing Illinois

I want to thank President Biden for invoking the Defense Production Act to ensure manufacturers can start speeding up supply of much needed baby formula for American families.

Cited source — nytimes.com
From Rep. Emmer, representing Minnesota

Inflation is crushing American working families.

President Biden’s careless economic policies are directly at fault.

Cited source — foxbusiness.com
From Sen. Warren, representing Massachusetts

In other news, the Justice Dept is siding with Rohit Chopra in the 2021 fight over control of the FDIC agenda, I'm told. Its office of legal counsel has rendered an opinion favorable to him but it has yet to be made public.

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A Trump appointee (whose boss tried to overturn an election) staged her own coup to try and override President Biden’s FDIC majority to protect big banks from oversight. Rs still defend her, like they defend Trump. But it was illegal, and she resigned in disgrace.