The American people deserve to know the real cost of Build Back Broke.

Today, I sent a letter to @POTUS, @SecYellen, @WHCOS, @BrianDeeseNEC and Acting OMB Director Shalanda Young to demand answers on the hidden costs of this disastrous bill.


The partisan “everything including the kitchen sink” Build Back Better spending frenzy has really lost steam in recent weeks. The CBO determined this bill would add $3T to our debt. It isn’t paid for & will worsen the existing inflation & supply chain crises we’re already facing.


Defending the conscience rights of healthcare providers should be of great interest to all Americans, and is of grave importance to me as a physician, especially in light of recent failures to do so by the Biden Administration. → 100 GOP lawmakers reintroducing conscience protection bill amid concerns about Biden’s HHS


Proud to sign on to this important legislation!


No healthcare provider should be compelled into services that violate his or her conscience. I'm proud to support the Conscience Protection Act, which would ensure the legal protection of healthcare workers' conscience rights. Thanks to Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD-1) for your leadership on it!


Washington Democrats’ radical spending bill lets tax dollars fund abortions. Instead, I’m proud to support the Conscience Protection Act, which defends #life and the conscience rights of healthcare workers.


I’m a proud cosponsor of Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD-1)’s important legislation to protect the conscience rights of healthcare providers. No healthcare worker should be forced by their employer to take an unborn life. This protection is needed now more than ever.


Happy to join this effort to protect conscience rights by preventing retaliation against health providers who don't participate in abortion.

This bill fights for the religious liberty of health providers and ensures that more unborn lives are saved.


Proud to my @HouseGOP colleagues in the reintroduction of the Conscience Protection Act that rightly defends the religious liberties & conscience rights of healthcare providers who are opposed to performing abortions.


No healthcare provider or worker should be forced by their employer to violate their conscience and participate in abortions.
I am proud to join this legislation that defends the unborn and ensures that the conscience rights of our healthcare professionals are protected.


I'm a proud sponsor of this important bill.

Citizens should not be forced or coerced into performing actions that violate their conscience. #ProLife

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100 GOP lawmakers reintroducing conscience protection bill amid concerns about Biden’s HHS
Rep. Andy Harris, R-Md., is reintroducing conscience protection legislation, taking aim at the Biden administration's allegedly lax enforcement.
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Today I sent a letter to DHS Sec. Mayorkas opposing vaccine mandates for border patrol agents.

Our agents have worked tirelessly to manage the border crisis and with morale at an all-time low, this mandate will be the last straw for folks who are considering leaving or retiring.


Proud to join my fellow Texan in this effort!


Our border agents don't need vaccine mandates amidst an unprecedented crisis they're doing their best to manage with an administration that doesn't care.

Thank you, Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX-23) for leading this effort.


I am proud to have signed on to Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX-23)’ letter because supporting our border patrol agents means supporting our country’s safety and security.


Our border patrol agents are facing enough problems as it is.

I trust the American people and their healthcare providers to make the right decision for themselves, NOT the government.


The Biden admin has failed to provide agents w needed resources to confront the unprecedented border crisis. Firing agents for something that should be a personal decision, not the gvt’s, would result in an even less secure border. Thanks Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX-23) for leading this effort!


Its unthinkable that the Biden admin would push out 100s of border patrol & ICE agents during the middle of the #BidenBorderCrisis after hailing them as heroes during the early days of the pandemic.

Proud to join Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX-23) asking @SecMayorkas to cancel #VaccineMandates.


With border apprehensions at a 30-year high, CBP cannot afford to lose a single agent. Our national security depends on it.

I joined Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX-23) in sending a letter to @SecMayorkas to oppose vaccine mandates for border patrol agents.


I joined Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX-23) to demand Secretary Mayorkas consider alternatives to enforcing Biden’s authoritarian vaccine mandate upon those who work at the Department of Homeland Security.


Today, I sent a letter to @TheJusticeDept to demand answers on why the DOJ is targeting parents who are opposing CRT and COVID mandates in our schools.

This politicization of our justice department is unheard of and unacceptable. Read below ⬇


Exercising the First Amendment on the behalf of your children is NOT domestic terrorism. Parents are the primary stakeholders in their children’s education. Period. All Stop.


I am proud to join my friend Rep. Lisa McClain (R-MI-10) in demanding answers about why the Department of Justice is attacking parents who dare to speak up against teaching CRT or coercing our children to overreaching COVID mandates.

Parents know what’s better than the govt.


Thank you for leading this effort Rep. Lisa McClain (R-MI-10).

It's crucial we stand up to this blatant overreach by the DOJ and give parents a much-needed say in the education of their children.


Weaponizing DOJ to silence parents with legitimate concerns about the education of their children is a reprehensible abuse of power by the Biden admin. Big government must never supersede the role of parents in raising our children.

Thank you Rep. Lisa McClain (R-MI-10) for your leadership!


Parents have every right to express concerns about what's being taught in their child's classroom. The DOJ's recent announcement mirrors a politicized move to silence parents' voices - my colleagues and I want answers.

Appreciate Rep. Lisa McClain (R-MI-10) for leading this charge


I’m proud of Rep. Lisa McClain (R-MI-10) for her leadership on this important issue.

The DOJ is outside of their bounds of jurisdiction. It’s wrong and unacceptable. Parents have the right & should be involved in their child’s education. I look forward to getting answers to the questions.


Parents know what’s best for their children’s education more than the federal government.

Glad to join my colleagues in requesting answers from the @TheJusticeDept on their attempt to silence concerned parents.


Parents are irreplaceable advocates for their children, and recent attempts to stifle their genuine concerns are unproductive and harmful to students. Proud to join Rep. Lisa McClain (R-MI-10)’s efforts to defend the rights of parents in Utah and across the country.


Parents - not teachers unions or Washington bureaucrats - should be driving decisions about their child's education and @TheJusticeDept should not be weaponized to try to silence them.

I joined Rep. Lisa McClain (R-MI-10) to demand answers on this dangerous policy.


The DOJ should not be weaponized against parents standing up for our kids' education. I'm glad to join Rep. Lisa McClain (R-MI-10) and my colleagues in opposing the DOJ's ridiculous initiative.


Proud to join Rep. Lisa McClain (R-MI-10)’s letter seeking answers from the DOJ about attempts to silence parents who have concerns about what their child is learning in school. Parents have the right to be involved in their child’s education without intimidation from the Federal government.


Proud to join Rep. Lisa McClain (R-MI-10)’s letter to the DOJ for stifling the voices of parents.

Parents should have a greater say in their childrens’ education than the federal government, who is pushing for rewritten history and indoctrination.