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From Sen. Cassidy, representing Louisiana

For a month, my office has been involved in efforts to get a school of young musicians out of Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. With help from Qatar & Portugal, 100 made it to freedom yesterday. Working to get out the 180+ others who are still trapped.

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA)
Baton Rouge, LA

Met this week with Dr. Ahmad Sarmast, founder of Afghanistan National Institute of Music, which we helped escape the Taliban. From exile in Portugal, Sarmast and his school are a beacon of hope keeping the dream of a free #Afghanistan alive.

Cited source — wsj.com
From Rep. Waltz, representing Florida

#Afghanistan’s Resistance Is Still Fighting

Lynne O'Donnell

Journalist 🇦🇺
Si vis pacem, para bellum


I’ve been saying since last year we need to give these fighters the capabilities to stop ISIS or Al Qaeda from attacking our homeland again.

Cited source — foreignpolicy.com
From Rep. Waltz, representing Florida

Asked about the threat of Al Qaida in #Afghanistan, DIA Director Lt. Gen. Scott Berrier said he is more concerned about the rise of ISIS-K there. "The fact that they have had some successful and catastrophic attacks within Afghanistan ... does not portend well for the future."

Leo Shane III
Washington, DC

Deputy editor for Military Times, former vets reporter for Stars & Stripes. Philly sports fan trapped in DC. Don't judge me by past or future haircuts.


Depending on the Taliban & their Pakistani backers to keep AQ/ISIS in check is a recipe for another attack on the US Homeland…

From Sen. Shaheen, representing New Hampshire

A room full of men have decided that face veils for women will now be mandatory in Afghanistan. If she doesn’t comply, her male guardian could face three days in prison. #MinistryofVice&Virtue #Taliban #Afghanistan

Yalda Hakim
London via Sydney

Anchor and Correspondent. Host of BBC World News' Impact with Yalda Hakim. RTs not endorsements. #LetAfghanGirlsLearn


Time is of the essence as the Taliban intensifies its assault on basic rights, education, & freedoms for Afghan women & girls.

The U.S. must uphold its commitment to support Afghan women & girls under oppressive Taliban rule.

From Sen. Shaheen, representing New Hampshire

#Taliban officials in #Afghanistan’s most progressive city have told driving instructors to stop issuing licenses to women.

Al Arabiya English

The Arab world’s leading source of global news and opinion.


The Taliban is denying women driver’s licenses & driving lessons – the latest in their crusade against women’s rights & empowerment. This move egregiously limits women’s freedom of movement.

The U.S. must stand by Afghan women & hold the Taliban accountable for its injustices.

Cited source — alarabiya.net
From Rep. Moulton, representing Massachusetts

Our broken Special Immigrant Visa system has become a death sentence for our allies in #Afghanistan.

We cannot forget them.

This is what happens if we leave them behind.

From Rep. McCaul, representing Texas

At tonight's #SOTU, I wore a #Ukrainian flag pin to show my solidarity with the courageous people of #Ukraine and an @afghanevac pin to remind @POTUS @JoeBiden that the Americans and Afghans he abandoned in #Afghanistan are still a priority to me.

From Sen. Tuberville, representing Alabama

Tonight, @POTUS will give the State of the Union Address to the American people. He’s going to tell you how much better his administration has made everything…and how much better you’d have it if Republicans would just go along.

But, here’s the real #SOTU >>>>>

On Day 1, Biden stopped construction of the wall along the southwest border and signaled to immigrants that the border was open.

Our Border Patrol agents have been turned into a search and rescue team, spending their time and resources helping illegals safely across the border.

Seizure of fentanyl are up 40% since 2020. It takes a DROP of this drug to kill a young American.

Cartels are smuggling in 1000+ pounds per MONTH.

Biden suspended the issuance of Notice to Appears (NTAs) for illegals that have been apprehended by CBP.

They break our laws, are given a plane ticket and an envelope of cash, and are then released into the United States.

The morale of our brave Customs and Border Patrol agents has been crushed.

We don’t have a Southern Border.

More than 2 million illegals crossed the border in 2021. 2 million…that’s 10 times the city of Birmingham. #SOTU

Inflation has reached a 40 year high.

When @POTUS took office JUST OVER A YEAR AGO, inflation was below 2%. Inflation is now 7.5%.

Inflation devastates Americas middle-class. The average household is now spending $3000+ more per year on basic goods and services. #SOTU

@POTUS pushed to give $80 BILLION to the IRS to hire more agents to snoop in Americans business.


The same IRS that has repeatedly targeted Christian-conservatives and leaked confidential information of American taxpayers.

The same IRS that wanted banks to report every transaction of $600 or more by individuals.

Every vacation with your family, wedding dress for your daughter, gun purchase for your son, Christmas gift for your parents…every transaction of $600 or more reported to the IRS. #SOTU

@POTUS REFUSED to listen to the commanders on the ground in #Afghanistan.

His judgement led to a disastrous pullout that wasted 20 years of American sacrifice and billions and billions of taxpayer dollars.

His judgement handed Afghanistan, including our military bases and equipment, over to the Taliban.

And there are STILL Americans stranded in Afghanistan. #SOTU

@POTUS’s top Education official sought false testimony against PARENTS, likening them to domestic TERRORISTS, and weaponized the FBI to silence critics of liberal school boards.

@SecCardona solicited the National School Boards Association letter…which led to a Department of Justice memo issued to the FBI that directed the FBI to address “unruly parents.”

These PARENTS were called “domestic terrorists” for criticizing THEIR KIDS school board. #SOTU

@POTUS did not, in fact, “shut down the virus”.

In July, Biden said we would celebrate our independence from the virus…only to immediately reverse course during the Delta wave and reinstate all kinds of pointless mask and vaccine mandates which did NOT follow the science.

Biden spent money appropriated for vaccines and therapeutics on the border crisis (after making it worse).

Then, he dropped the ball on purchasing and distributing monoclonal antibodies…rationing them instead of treating the sick that could’ve been saved immediately. #SOTU

@POTUS is considering allowing “safe injection sites”.

This would create a safe haven for people to use heroin and other narcotics with protections against fatal overdoses.

@POTUS has also made “mail order abortion” permanent with agency action through the FDA. #SOTU

@POTUS promised to work to re-open schools in his first 100 days, but his administration secretly worked with Teachers Unions to keep schools closed.

We recently found out that the CDC regularly communicated with a prominent teachers’ union that was lobbying AGAINST reopening.

Remote learning became the “new normal” and forced many students to stay in online school longer than needed. This hurt low-income students the most.

The “American Rescue Plan” was passed a year ago, but the majority of money for K-12 schools still hasn’t been spent. Now, the Biden administration is trying to take back congressionally appropriated funds unless states comply with their ridiculous COVID policies.

And instead of prioritizing clear guidance to schools while reopening, the Biden administration chose to promote a radical, anti-American curriculum…including a handbook urging teachers to ‘disrupt whiteness and other forms of oppression’. #SOTU

From Rep. Houlahan, representing Pennsylvania

Thank you congresswoman Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (D-PA-6) for taking the time out of your day and allowing us to express our concerns regarding #Afghanistan.#Afghan

Washington, DC

We advocate for economic solutions for Afghanistan that will enable its people to stand on their feet, and not be a burden on the Int. community


The Islamic Society of Chester County, @ISCCPA, has been an extraordinary partner and leader in our community.

Recently, I met with their members to discuss what actions I’m taking to support our Afghan allies. Thank you to everyone who joined the conversation!

From Rep. Chabot, representing Ohio

Six months ago, #Afghanistan fell to the Taliban. The Biden Administration’s disastrous withdrawal has weakened America’s position on the world stage and emboldened our adversaries. Read the @HouseForeignGOP joint statement below.

Cited source — house.gov