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Only one in 10 income-eligible infants and families have access to early #HeadStart support due to insufficient funding. 

The solution to that? Passing the #BuildBackBetterAct and achieving @POTUS Biden’s agenda on providing historic investments in child care.


#BuildBackBetter & #CleanWater: The #BuildBackBetterAct would help more Americans access clean water by fully replacing lead service pipes that contaminate drinking water, helping ensure access to clean water in rural areas & tribal lands, & improving water storage nationwide.

Limiting the social safety net programs proposed in the #BuildBackBetterAct according to income level “sounds good in theory” says Rep. Mondaire Jones (D-NY-17), “but in practice... we know that it’s overly burdensome for the neediest Americans”. #Velshi


All too often, means testing prevents those most in need from utilizing programs meant to help them.

It’s bad policy, plain and simple.