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Last week, I had an insightful meeting with women veterans from #CA25. While there were many takeaways, one of the biggest was the urgent need for more to be done to stop sexual assault in the military.


The nation, and especially @DeptofDefense, must do more to combat this problem and hold bad actors accountable. This is why I am proud to cosponsor the I am Vanessa Guillén Act, which would modernize the military’s handling of reports of sexual harassment and assault.


Today @SCE has issued many warnings of possible public safety power shutoffs for parts of our community in #CA25. @SCE has a track record of excessively implementing PSPS every time the wind blows.


These shutoffs have real consequences that are often times more dangerous than the fires themselves.


While this issue is not under federal jurisdiction, I’ll continue to do all I can to reduce the careless use of PSPS and enact real solutions. Californians pay enough for our electricity and we shouldn’t be forced into the dark every time the wind blows.


It was great attending the @avedgeca Fall Forum! I provided a legislative update on all the work my office and I are doing on behalf of #CA25, and specifically the Antelope Valley.


I had the honor of meeting with #CA25 women veterans to get their important perspective on issues currently impacting women in the military. We discussed issues such as health care, the prevalence of abuse, and women potentially being included in the selective service process.