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What does the #ClimateCrisis look like at home?

Over the past decade, Massachusetts has experienced 14 extreme weather events, totaling $5 BILLION in damages.

With the #BuildBackBetterAct, we’re going to combat climate change & protect our planet for generations to come.


It was great visiting the @Bostonartsacad with @SecGranholm, Sen. Edward J. (Ed) Markey (D-MA), Rep. Lori Trahan (D-MA-3), @MayorWu & local leaders. We had the opportunity to discuss the critical provisions in #BuildBackBetter that will help drive down utility costs for families & tackle the #ClimateCrisis.

🚨 The #climatecrisis is here and happening NOW. Chair Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY-12)'s Climate Prep Act will work to ensure the federal government plays a central role in tackling climate change head-on.



To effectively fight the #ClimateCrisis, the fed gov't—the largest employer in 🇺🇸 and biggest purchaser of goods and services in the 🌎—must ensure mitigation, adaptation, and resilience are integrated into every aspect of gov't operations.

My Climate PREP Act will do just that.


For decades, we've shied away from climate action.

With the #BuildBackBetter Act, we're now on the brink of the boldest action to face our #ClimateCrisis in U.S. history.

This is our moment. We have a responsibility to our children and theirs to get this across the finish line.