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From Rep. Doggett, representing Texas

NEW: You can order an additional 8 free at-home COVID tests to be shipped directly to your home at With new variants continuing to circulate, it’s important to keep testing and #GetVaccinated

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From Rep. Frankel, representing Florida

We've lost over 1 million Americans to #COVID19. We still have to be weary of this virus.

Please make sure you #GetVaccinated & #Boosted, & stay home if you are feeling sick.

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From Sen. Cardin, representing Maryland

400,000 fewer kindergarteners raises @CDCgov concern about childhood #vaccinations #GetVaccinated #KeepUpTheRates


NFID is a non-profit dedicated to educating the public and healthcare professionals about the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases #StopTheSpread


It is alarming to see a decline in childhood vaccinations at home and abroad. Vaccines have kept millions around the world safe from vaccine-preventable diseases like polio and measles.

Vaccines are safe and effective. Check to make sure your child is up to date on vaccinations.

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From Rep. Maloney, representing New York

Covid Update:

With #COVID19 cases slowly creeping upward again, now is a great time to #GetVaccinated and #GetBoosted!

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From Rep. Maloney, representing New York

As #COVID19 cases rise in #NYC, it’s important to #GetBoosted & #GetVaccinated.

All the info you need from the experts below:

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From Rep. Demings, representing Florida

There is no sense in continued attempts to undermine the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine. It works. Vaccinated Americans are safer. #GetVaccinated

From Rep. Matsui, representing California

Many people, including young adults, are suffering from long-term health problems months after getting COVID-19. Take the most effective steps to prevent long COVID: #GetVaccinated & #GetBoosted.

Find a vaccine near you:

Sacramento, CA

CalHHS oversees departments & offices providing health care, social, mental health, substance use disorder, income assistance and public health services.


There are many people who are still feeling the long-term health effects of having COVID-19.

Even though cases are decreasing in California — please make sure that you and your loved ones #GetVaccinated and #GetBoosted.

Make your vaccine plan today ⬇️

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From Rep. Soto, representing Florida

Welcome back Dr Pino! Thanks for being a trustworthy voice for ⁦@OrangeCoFL⁩ during the pandemic in English y Español. Your efforts saved lives. It was a disgrace for you to be suspended for encouraging healthcare workers to #getvaccinated.

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From Rep. Maloney, representing New York

As mask mandates drop, I encourage eligible NYC public school students to #GetVaccinated for #COVID19.

It’s the best protection we have to keep students, teachers, school staff, and families safe.

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From Rep. Clarke, representing New York

The President's strategy to combat #Covid_19 is the right move to help us all get to the otherside of the pandemic. Everyone deserves treatment when they need it. And America has a duty to help other countries with less means and resources.