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From Sen. Scott, representing Florida

Fentanyl is being smuggled across our borders by drug cartels in record numbers & is taking the lives of thousands of Americans. This devastating fentanyl crisis must be stopped. @JoeBiden needs to secure our southern border NOW. #NationalFentanylAwarenessDay

From Sen. Ernst, representing Iowa

Today is #NationalFentanylAwarenessDay. In the last year, the United States has suffered a devastating, record number of overdoses from fentanyl. It is imperative we secure our border and keep these harmful drugs out of our communities.

From Rep. Davids, representing Kansas

From 2019 to 2020, deaths from fentanyl overdose climbed nearly 150% in the Greater Kansas City Area, mostly among 15-24 year olds.

On the first ever #NationalFentanylAwarenessDay, we remember those we lost and commit to addressing this crisis and saving lives.

From Sen. Kelly, representing Arizona

Fentanyl is a dangerous drug that inflicts significant harm on our communities. We must support local law enforcement and step up efforts to combat drug trafficking, from interdicting criminal organizations to upgrading our ports of entry. #NationalFentanylAwarenessDay

From Rep. Green, representing Tennessee

Today marks the first #NationalFentanylAwarenessDay, built to raise awareness about an urgent problem impacting #Tennessee and the nation: our neighbors dying at alarming rates due to illegally-made #Fentanyl.



With truth, bravery, and integrity, we’re proud to serve as the state's lead law enforcement agency, so “that guilt shall not escape, nor innocence suffer.”


Tennessee, #JustSayKnow! Fentanyl is the leading cause of death for young Americans. This #FentanylAwarenessDay, let us recognize the dangers of this drug and pray for the ones who have lost loved ones.

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From Rep. Deutch, representing Florida

This #NationalFentanylAwarenessDay, it’s time to have a conversation about the dangers of deadly fentanyl.

From Rep. Scott, representing Georgia

Today is #NationalFentanylAwarenessDay and unfortunately, many Americans have had to face the horrors of this deadly drug.

Thousands of pounds of fentanyl have crossed the border and overdoses have increased by 30% this year.

Biden should secure the border and stop this crisis.

From Sen. Shaheen, representing New Hampshire

Today is the first #NationalFentanylAwarenessDay.

Fentanyl is the leading cause of death in Americans under 50.

Today we recommit to expanding overdose prevention & treatments to combat the human toll of this public health crisis.

Cited source — dea.gov
From Rep. Crow, representing Colorado

Today is National Fentanyl Awareness Day. Here's what you need to know about the growing fentanyl crisis. Reshare to help us spread the word today. #NationalFentanylAwarenessDay

A day of action to raise public awareness about an urgent problem: illegally made fentanyl. Join us on May 10th. #NationalFentanylAwarenessDay #JustSayKNOW


More than 900 Coloradans died of fentanyl last year — more than the number killed in homicides or traffic crashes.

On #NationalFentanylAwarenessDay, let's save lives by talking with friends & family about the dangers of this drug as we work to end the fentanyl crisis.

From Rep. Mace, representing South Carolina

Today is the first #NationalFentanylAwarenessDay. On this day we remember those we have lost to this terrible drug. Let's spread awareness and defeat this epidemic.