Engagement by party
From Rep. Williams, representing Georgia

Union votes coming at Atlanta-area Starbucks and Apple stores

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I’m a proud union member. I've seen first-hand the difference that unions make for workers, and I know that EVERY worker deserves a fair vote and a fair chance to form a union. That's why I support the #PROAct to empower workers and protect their right to organize.

Cited source — ajc.com
From Rep. Brown, representing Ohio

Great to sit down with @UAW representatives from Northeast Ohio today.

We talked about why Congress must pass the #PROAct to protect and strengthen workers’ right to organize.

From Rep. Evans, representing Pennsylvania

Red Cross workers overseeing the country’s blood supply deserve a CBA that provides affordable health-care benefits and acknowledges the risks they’ve faced during the Covid-19 pandemic, 47 members of the U.S. House said in a Tuesday letter.

Paige Smith
Washington, DC

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I’m proud to sign this letter in support of fair contract negations for American @RedCross unions. I also urge the Senate to join the House in passing the #PROAct to protect all workers’ right to organize!

Cited source — bloomberglaw.com
From Sen. Merkley, representing Oregon

The Starbucks “no benefits” strategy is outrageous. Every working person should have the right to unionize—without the loss of benefits hanging over their head.

I’m fighting to pass the #PROAct because organizing at work should be easier, not harder.

Cited source — npr.org
From Rep. Norcross, representing New Jersey

Across the country, more and more workers — especially young people — are organizing their workplaces.

As a Union electrician, I’m proud to stand with these hardworking Americans by prioritizing job safety standards and pro-worker policies like the #PROAct.

From Sen. Brown, representing Ohio

You need to watch Christian Smalls’ testimony.
"We need to pass the #PROAct so that workers are protected, and encouraged to organize.
[…] This is not a left or right thing, this is a working-class issue."

From Rep. Norcross, representing New Jersey

Starbucks interim CEO Howard Schultz has announced new benefits — including expanded training, improved sick leave and credit card tipping for about 240,000 branch employees.

Except for those unionizing.


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I’ve seen this before: workers raise their voice for better wages, and companies respond by coddling investors and pitting workers against each other.

This is why we need the #PROAct. We have to protect workers’ right to organize and restore fairness to the economy.

In March, I went to the House floor to tell CEO Howard Schultz to do the right thing and support his employees. Let’s try this again:

From Sen. Merkley, representing Oregon

On May Day, we recognize those in the labor movement who led and continue to lead the fight for social and economic justice.

We celebrate working people across the country who so often receive too little pay or whose crucial contributions to our communities are overlooked.

I will continue to fight to pass the #PROAct to make it easier for everyone to organize at work, and will work for fair pay and protections for workers in Oregon and around the country.

From Sen. Warren, representing Massachusetts

Happy #MayDay #InternationalWorkersDay! I stand with the working people of America who are coming together, organizing new unions all over the place, and making their voices heard. Now let’s pass the #PROAct already to roll out the welcome mat for even more organizing.