Engagement by party
From Rep. Evans, representing Pennsylvania

Good op-ed by @RepDarisha on what’s at stake as the Trump-McConnell Supreme Court looks likely to overturn #RoeVWade.
This is why the U.S. Senate needs to join the House in passing the Women’s Health Protection Act!

Cited source — phillytrib.com
From Sen. Murray, representing Washington

Click the link below to share how #RoeVWade has impacted your life and why you care about protecting the right to abortion.

By speaking out, we can work together and fight back against Republicans taking away the right to abortion.

Cited source — senate.gov
From Sen. Warren, representing Massachusetts

Americans overwhelmingly support the right for every woman to control her own future. But Republicans want to overturn #RoeVWade and force their unpopular agenda on the rest of America.

We can't go back. Never.

From Rep. Long, representing Missouri

As #ProLife support grows, right on cue, the #Democrats have turned to fear-mongering to mislead the public. Read about these 5 commonly repeated false narratives regarding #RoeVWade.

Cited source — thefederalist.com
From Sen. Padilla, representing California

YOU have the right to choose what happens to your own body. Not anyone else.

I’m so proud represent California, a state that fiercely defends abortion access, and I won’t stop fighting until #RoevWade is codified at the federal level. #BansOffOurBodies

From Sen. Warren, representing Massachusetts

Abortion rights are under attack. Today, Americans across the country are fighting back to defend #RoeVWade and the right of every person to make their own decisions about their futures.

We can't go back — not now, not ever. I'm in this fight all the way. #BansOffOurBodies

From Sen. Hollen, representing Maryland

I stand with each and every person marching across Maryland & our country today in support of reproductive rights and freedom of choice. We cannot – and will not – let up in the battle to protect and codify #RoevWade. We face a real and present danger, and we must fight back.

From Rep. Sherman, representing California

Will be joining @FoxNews Live today at 12:10 PM EST/9:10 AM PS to discuss the state of our economy, our efforts to combat #inflation, the SCOTUS draft opinion on #RoeVWade and more.

From Rep. Schultz, representing Florida

Women shouldn't be forced into a pregnancy.


From Rep. Matsui, representing California

I stood with @HouseDemocrats against the SCOTUS draft decision that would overturn the settled law of #RoeVWade.

As Republicans plot to criminalize a woman’s right to a safe, legal abortion, I’ll keep fighting their extremism that will impact generations of women and girls.