Only Republicans have engaged in this subject
From Sen. Lankford, representing Oklahoma

Protecting life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is our founding. It’s our recognition that a person in America doesn’t have to be a certain height, weight, or age to be recognized as a person in need of our protection.


Cited source — lankford.senate.gov
From Sen. Lankford, representing Oklahoma

It is not extreme to stand for life. Grateful to stand with so many Oklahomans as we protect life. #WhyWeMarch

From Sen. Lankford, representing Oklahoma

It was a great day at the #OklahomaMarchForLife.

#WhyWeMarch #EqualityBeginsInTheWomb

From Sen. Lankford, representing Oklahoma
From Rep. Letlow, representing Louisiana

As a mother of two, being pro-life is not only a value I share with many of our constituents, it’s personal. I’ve seen firsthand the beauty of life and I will always fight to protect it. #WhyWeMarch

From Rep. Smith, representing Nebraska

Americans, like those who braved the cold in Washington today, have been gathering for nearly a half century to stand for the unborn. Our commitment, hope, and enthusiasm to choose life is enduring because we know every life is precious and made in the image of God. #WhyWeMarch

From Sen. Boozman, representing Arkansas

Americans from all across the country gathered today in Washington to March For LIFE.

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#WhyWeMarch #EqualityBeginsInTheWomb #ProLife

From Rep. Kelly, representing Pennsylvania

Great to see my friend, fellow #ND #Domer & #prolife champion ⁦Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA-16)⁩ as we head out for the #MarchforLife. #WhyWeMarch.

Keith Rothfus
Pittsburgh, PA

Thank you for visiting my Twitter account. From 1/3/2013 through 1/3/2019, I was privileged to serve PA’s 12th Congressional District.


Thanks to @KeithRothfus for taking time to stop by today while in Washington, D.C. for #MarchForLife. Great to see you, my friend!

From Rep. Schweikert, representing Arizona

Yesterday, I went to the House Floor to share the story of how I was given the gift of life when my birth mother chose life and gave me up for adoption.

Today, I stand with the thousands of people in Washington, DC who are fighting for the unborn. #WhyWeMarch #MarchForLife

From Rep. Moolenaar, representing Michigan

The 48th annual March for Life is taking place in Washington today, and I encourage you to attend if you are able to - Every life has value and deserves to be protected and today's march is walking proof of that. #WhyWeMarch