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Esta semana, el Senado está considerando la Acta #LibertadDeVotar, un proyecto de ley que protegería y preservaría nuestra democracia al evitar que las leyes electorales discriminatorias, el gerrymandering (la manipulación)...


partidista y el dinero oscuro ahoguen las voces de los estadounidenses de todas las comunidades y orígenes.


La acta #LibertadDeVotar:
Garantiza el acceso a la votación libre y justa.
Protege la integridad de nuestras elecciones.
Prohibirá la manipulación partidista.
Pone fin a la era del gran dinero en la política.


Hago un llamado al Senado para que proteja la voz del pueblo estadounidense y apruebe este importante proyecto de ley.


Some news here on addressing PFAS in our water: Since my first month in office, we’ve been pushing the EPA to set a science-based national standard for drinking water since there is literally no national standard on the books right now. (1/4)


The @EPA's announcement states that, among other things, they’ll have a new, science-based standard by the fall of 2023. It’s a good step forward.

This initiative also expands nation-wide testing and monitoring for PFAS in drinking water;... (2/4)


.ensures doctors have the training they need to understand PFAS exposure and provide informed care to patients; and restricts the release of PFAS into the environment by manufacturers and holds them accountable when they do. (3/4)


This is progress. Now we need to hold to this schedule and get it done. (4/4)


I'm proud to celebrate #ItalianHeritageMonth this year. Although this appreciation is year-round for many, including myself, this month our nation formally recognizes the many contributions that Italians have made to our culture and country. → Home | Italian Heritage Society of the Monterey Peninsula


During #ItalianHeritageMonth, we recognize the contributions of Italian Americans, despite the difficulties and discrimination that many Italian immigrants faced. Fortunately, they continued to engage in our democracy to make our country what it is today. → Under Attack  | Italian  | Immigration and Relocation in U.S. History  | Classroom Materials at the Library of Congress  | Library of Congress


During WWII, many Italian-Americans were sent to internment camps or removed from coastal areas, including members of my family. Despite that racist policy, many Italian-Americans joined the fight for this nation and its freedoms. → Why America Targeted Italian-Americans During World War II


We are a nation of immigrants. Many families, including my family, came here to give their children a better life. Now, because we lived the American Dream, we must provide the opportunity for those who want to come here and contribute to our country. #ItalianHeritageMonth

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Home | Italian Heritage Society of the Monterey Peninsula
Let us guide you through the rich history of the Italian culture of Monterey. Enjoy the wide array of photos, videos, letters, and biographies compiled by the hard-working volunteers of the Italian Heritage Society of the Monterey Peninsula.

I was surprised and saddened to hear of the passing of one of the great American leaders of any time, General Colin Powell.

His service to our nation was legendary on so many fronts. → Colin Powell, former secretary of state, dead at 84 from COVID-19 complications


My main interactions with General Powell involved ‘soft power’ making sure developmental aid was used in a way to make the world a better place.


General Powell cared deeply about the men and women of the State Department.

He is noted as a great military leader, justifiably so, but he also had a passion for diplomacy and the benefits of avoiding war by stabilizing troubled regions.


The men and women of the foreign service never had a better champion.

My prayers are with his family and many friends in the days ahead.

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Colin Powell, former secretary of state, dead at 84 from COVID-19 complications
Gen. Colin Powell, the former secretary of state and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff, died Monday from complications related to COVID-19, his family announced.
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